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Boxing framed pictures, posters and cigarette cards of some of the greatest boxers and famous fights. Instantly recognisable boxing scenes of classic boxing greats.

Boxing Framed Pictures

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Image of: Rayley v Dyke Boxing Poster

Rayley v Dyke Boxing Poster

Poster for a 1915 boxing assault-at-arms in Manchester...


Image of: Marchant v Dyke Boxing

Marchant v Dyke Boxing

Poster Poster for a Manchester boxing tournament some...


Image of: Young Carnea Boxing Poster

Young Carnea Boxing Poster

Poster for a 1915 boxing match featuring Sheffied boxer...


Image of: Len Harvey Boxing Poster

Len Harvey Boxing Poster

The 'One And Only' light-heavyweight champion boxes...


Image of: Allen v Giannelli 1954

Allen v Giannelli 1954

Poster for the European Flyweight Championship fight,...


Image of: Armstrong v Roderick

Armstrong v Roderick

Programme cover for the the great American welterweight...


Image of: Ali v Brian London

Ali v Brian London

Cover of the programme for the World Heavyweight ttitle...


Image of: Knock Out

Knock Out

1920s boys magazine illustration of a boxing match....


Image of: Dynamite


Cover of a 1930s pulp fiction novellette on a boxing...


Image of: She Knows The Ropes

She Knows The Ropes

Indeed she does - 1920s illustration of boxing glamour....


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